About Us

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”    

Thomas Edison



Health First, LLC originated with one goal in mind: to help people achieve optimum health by offering high quality, all natural and result-driven health formulas.

We believe in the power of natural healing as a proven and healthy alternative to prescription drugs. We are committed to provide the cutting-edge and the highest quality natural formulas. Our in-house chemists, herbalists, and Doctor of Naturopathy have years of experience in the field and ensure that we continually formulate breakthrough natural health formulas – nutraceuticals, to bring to market. They work together combining modern science with ancient and traditional healing practices to research, develop and formulate new and unique products. We are proud to offer a variety of exclusive products that are proprietary blends that work together in concert with your body to help prevent and heal illnesses and ailments. One of our greatest achievements is the GlycoProbiotic formula which is an extremely powerful formula, blending the immune system booster “Glyco-8Ox” with a very strong blend of probiotics. This formula not only contains all eight of the essential sugars the body may need for a powerful immune system but also incorporates 20 billion of eightvery effective probiotic bacteria to aid the digestive tract/intestinal flora. Essential GlycoProbiotic may aid in a countless number of health benefits including the following:

  • Normalizing blood glucose levels and improving strength
  • Protect against infections, lowering high blood pressure
  • Enhancing brain functioning Energy and vitality
  • Decreasing body fat and lower bad cholesterol
  • Reducing allergen effects and constipation;
  • Getting rid of diarrhea and nausea Improve the overall healt

Our facilities and standard manufacturing procedures comply with strict FDA regulations and GMP stadards, so we can offer pharmaceutical-grade quality neutraceuticals. We manufacture our products “just-in-time” to ensure the freshness and quality of our products. We offer our customers affordable products of the highest quality. We ensure “Customer Satisfaction” and we back it with our “money back quarantee”.


Product Development

Our customers’ health and safety is our priority. Our mission is to offer research-driven and effective cutting-edge nutraceuticals for our customers.



Our real effective formulas begin with quality raw materials. Our in-house experts employ independent analysis teams to determine and ensure that only the highest quality and purest of ingredients are used in our products.



Our research professionals routinely perform safety reviews. By ensuring the safety of our products, you can feel confident in marketing our products to the public.


Business Development

At Health First, our scientific staff employs the most innovative and sophisticated research procedures in formulating and evaluating our products. We are happy to ensure the safety and efficacy of our cutting-edge nutraceuticals with comprehensive scientific evaluations, safety reviews and human testimonials. Because of our real cutting-edge natural health products you can be confident that our nutraceuticals meet every qualification and requirement needed for your business to succed with integrity and credibility.